Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 month update

We are all doing great. I am keeping busy chasing the boys around keeping house. I have lost all the baby weight and am trying hard to lose the rest. I am still anemic but am trying to get that under control.

Lliam is a great big brother. He is very sweet to Luke and trys to make him feel better whenever he cries. As for the terrible twos it's more like the testing twos. Lliam trys to see what he can and cannot get away with. Once he has figured it out he typically doesn't repeat it. Lliam loves to play outside and is obsessed with bubbles and balls. We are working on our colors and numbers but he seems to want to play more than learn. No biggy... plenty of time for learning on yucky days. Lliam has lots of friends his age and we frequently have play dates with other mommies.

Luke is growing like a weed. He had his 2 month check-up and weighed 13 lbs. and is 25 inches long. He is gonna be a tall boy like his big brother. He is healthy and on track as far as the doctors can tell. He may have a hernia in his groin but the doctors said even if he does it happens a lot and not to worry about it. You know my, the worrying mommy.

All in all I can't complain. We just take it day by day. William should be getting his R&R in July which will be nice. Rachael and Scott are coming May 3rd to visit for 5 days. It will be nice to have some company. We miss everyone.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday

We had a great Easter Saturday. Some friends came over and we did our own Easter fun. We played in the back yard, died some eggs, colored Easter bunny pictures and had a nice lunch. I even hid some plastic eggs with Jelly beans for Lliam. He loved it. These outfits were Easter presents from Gran T (Rachael) Tommorow we are going to church at 11 and then having a nice lunch just the 3 of us. Should be fun. I will be sure to take pictures tomorrow of them in their Sunday best.

Happy Easter

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lliam - April

Lliam is doing well. He had his 18 month check up and they said all is good. He weighs 27lbs. (my lightweight) and is 34 inches. He is really tall. He is super smart and continues to learn everyday. He knows all his body parts, about 20 animals and their sounds, and we are learning colors. He loves watching his wiggles and dancing around the house. He is so much fun. Since being back in GA he has been playing outside with his balls and bubbles and hanging out with his friends. He is the best big brother I could have hoped for. He brings me thinks, trys to make Luke feel better when he cries and even helps me pat Luke to sleep. Only time will tell if my two boys will get along but we are off to a great start.

Mommy - 1 month

I am doing great. I have lost all of the "Luke" weight and
then some. I have lost 30 lbs. and am going to try to lose 30 more. I would love to look like I did at our wedding. We'll see. I am trying to get my anemia into check. I have been taking my iron and trying to get some more energy. I have finally learned how to go out and get things done with my two boys. I even got to do some Stampin yesterday. Woo woo. I am truly blessed. I have two wonderful boys and the best hubby a girl could want. I just take it day by day.

1 month - Luke

We made it to 1 month. Luke is doing great. He is getting bigger and bigger by the day. We are already into our 3 month clothes and stretched out of the 3 month pajamas. This boy is gonna be big. The ladies on post have been calling him "trunk" as in tree trunk. Luke loves to look around and just hang out. He is an amazing baby. He has a great routine for nighttime. He goes down around 8:30-9:30 gets up 3-4 goes back down until 8. Although last night he slept from 10-6:30. Can you believe that? Lliam doesn't even sleep that much. He is an eating machine though. Luke eats anywhere from 30-35 ounces a DAY!!! Thankfully my bud Jennifer has a friend who has been giving her free formula and Jen has been so amazing that she is sending me some. Woo woo. That will definetly help out. All in all I can't complain. Luke is a great little boy. Not to mention he is too stinking cute. His red hair is really coming out.


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